What You Should Watch Next On Netflix: Shows, Documentaries, Movies

What will you watch next?
By: Nina Shahriman
February 15, 2022

We’re all guilty of spending too much of our time on Netflix (I know I am)! However, many often find themselves finishing a great show or movie and thinking, “Right, what’s next?” Then you spend a long time scrolling through the home page and all the subcategories only to end in defeat. Fret not, Glitz got you covered; here are our recommendations of what you should watch next on Netflix!

1. Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders is a gangster family epic set in 1919 in Birmingham, England, just after World War I. In a country wracked by economic turmoil, returning military, freshly minted revolutionaries, and criminal gangs are battling for survival. The Peaky Blinders, led by returning war hero Thomas Shelby and his family, were one of the most prominent gangs of the time. Thomas, on the other hand, has greater plans than merely jogging the streets.

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2. The Tinder Swindler

The Tinder Swindler (2022) - IMDb

“The Tinder Swindler,” Netflix’s latest true crime documentary, exposes the hazards of finding love on dating apps by uncovering a con man’s operation that defrauded a group of women out of millions of dollars. This gripping drama, directed by Felicity Morris, follows Netflix’s tradition of true-crime thrillers about con artists’ escapades. “The Tinder Swindler” is a cautionary story about the dangers of trusting strangers you meet on the internet. Two ladies and their relationship with Simon Leviev are the focus of the film.

Leviev, posing as the son of a diamond magnate, would entice women he met on the dating app Tinder with photos of an opulent lifestyle, demonstrating his alleged fortune. Leviev’s true name is Shimon Hayut, an Israeli con artist who was convicted of fraud in 2015.

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3. Emily In Paris

Emily in Paris follows Emily, a motivated 20-year-old Chicagoan who relocates to Paris for an unexpected career opportunity. She’s been assigned the duty of bringing an American perspective to a historic French marketing agency. The cultural divide between Emily and her co-workers is clear, as they refuse to eat lunch with her and refer to her as La Plouc, which translates to “the hick” in English.

That evening, she is sitting alone at a cafe when Luc comes over to join her. He objects to her being referred to as La Plouc and believes that her work ethic intimidates his co-workers. However,he is horrified when she reveals that work makes her happy. He explains to her that, whereas Americans work to live, the French live to work.

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4. Girl From Nowhere

Girl from Nowhere is a Thai mystery thriller anthology television series that premiered in 2018. It was made by studio SOUR Bangkok. The story focuses on Nanno, a mysterious girl who transfers to various elite schools in Thailand and exposes the students and faculty’s lies, secrets, and hypocrisy. On occasion, Nanno will tell falsehoods in order to irritate people. She is revealed to be an eternal being that punishes wrongdoers for their wrongdoings.

In Season 2, Nanno meets her equal in Yuri, a fresh opponent with a different, revenge-oriented worldview who wants to take over Nanno’s responsibilities.

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5. Stranger Things

Stranger Things is an American science fiction horror drama television series that aired on Netflix on July 15, 2016. It was produced by the Duffer Brothers and launched on July 15, 2016. Stranger Things is set in Hawkins, Indiana, in the early 1980s, in a fictitious rural hamlet. The neighbouring Hawkins National Laboratory purports to do scientific research by the US Department of Energy, but it covertly conducts paranormal and supernatural operations, including some involving human test subjects.

They have unintentionally established a doorway to another reality known as “the Upside Down.” The Upside Down’s influence begins to have disastrous consequences for the citizens of Hawkins who are unaware of it. Will Byers is kidnapped by an Upside Down entity in the first season, which begins in November 1983. Joyce, Will’s mother, and Jim Hopper, the town’s police chief, are on the lookout for him. At the same time, Eleven, a young psychokinetic girl, breaks free from the laboratory and aids Will’s pals Mike, Dustin, and Lucas in their own search for Will.

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6. Umbrella Academy

The Umbrella Academy is an American superhero streaming television series based on the same-named Gerard Way comic book series. The Umbrella Academy is set in a world where 43 women give birth at the same time on October 1, 1989, despite none of them displaying any signs of pregnancy until labour started. Sir Reginald Hargreeves, an eccentric millionaire, adopts seven of the youngsters and transforms them into a superhero team known as “The Umbrella Academy.”

Hargreeves assigns the children numbers rather than names, until their robot-mother, Grace, names all but one of them Luther, Diego, Allison, Klaus, Ben, and Vanya. Reginald separates Vanya from her siblings’ activities while putting six of his children to work battling crime. Vanya is said to have no powers of her own.

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7. How To Get Away With Murder

How to Get Away with Murder is a legal thriller television series that aired on ABC from September 25, 2014, to May 14, 2020. Shonda Rhimes and ABC Studios produced the show, which was conceived by Peter Nowalk. Annalise Keating is a well-known criminal defence attorney and a law professor at Philadelphia’s Middleton University. Wes Gibbins, Connor Walsh, Michaela Pratt, Asher Millstone, and Laurel Castillo, popularly known as the Keating Five, are five of her first-year students that intern at her business.

Frank Delfino, Annalise’s employee, and Bonnie Winterbottom, an associate lawyer, collaborate with them. As the first season introduces Keating’s occasional customers, it also investigates two linked deaths through flashback and flashforward sequences: Lila Stangard, Annalise’s mistress and a Middleton student, and Sam Keating, Annalise’s husband, who was murdered by Annalise’s interns.

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