i Light Singapore Is Finally Back With “Spark of Light” Theme

Happening from 3 - 26 June 2022
By: agnes
May 10, 2022

For seven years straight, Singaporeans have been looking forward to i Light, a well-known exhibition in Singapore. The exhibition typically features artworks of professional artists as well as students, focusing on sustainability and environmentally friendly anecdotes. Due to the recent pandemic, i Light had cancelled its exhibition for two years straight. But this year, i Light is back for its eighth edition with the theme of “Spark of Light”.

i Light 2022

“Spark of Light” is the theme for the inaugural Festival, which will focus on colours found in the visible light spectrum in future iterations. Violet is the colour of choice for the year 2022. In the visible light spectrum, violet has the shortest wavelength and the highest electromagnetic energy. Violet is also a hue that symbolises the blossoming of the senses, analogous to the emergence of an idea in the mind.

What Can You Expect To See?

1. Alone Together by Ping Lim and Ian Grossberg

Singaporean artist Ping Lim and her American collaborator Ian Grossberg created this interactive piece to depict the common experience of being isolated from others during a pandemic. Images of Singaporean housing estates served as inspiration for the exhibit which features vignettes depicting intimate moments from the daily lives of those who lived there. Visitors are encouraged to participate in this collective memory in real time by bringing their own mobile phones to the exhibit.

2. Fallen by Nerdist x ARTINA

Nerdist x ARTINA’s song “Fallen” is another standout. Bubble wrap and a recyclable translucent dome are used in this projection mapping installation. A jellyfish from outer space crash-lands on Earth after ingesting waste that humans had launched into orbit due to a shortage of disposal space, according to the display. It is the artist’s intention to re-educate tourists about the impact their lifestyles have on the ecosystem through the artwork.

3. Lightwave: Isle of Light, Empowered by OPPO

The Lower Boardwalk in Marina Bay will host a number of additional events in addition to the artworks on display. Visitors will board a specially designed floating pontoon for a multi-sensory adventure. Immersive elements include holographic projections, lit motion-capture images and shadows, and light beams that resemble a mystical forest in each of the five zones of the experience.

The Lightwave: Isle of Light requires you to purchase tickets, and you can do so here

Price: $8 (Weekday) | $10 (Weekend) | Discount for bundle tickets

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