Best OTO Leg Massager For Feet That’s Tired And Sore

Will feel heavenly for your sore and painful feet
By: Nina Shahriman
January 7, 2022

We’ve all felt the pain and discomfort of sore feet. When you think about it, we rely on them so much and use them extensively for very long hours. And when our feet are needing a little R&R we turn to the experts- OTO Body Care. With that, Glitz is listing out the best OTO leg massagers that will feel heavenly for your sore and painful feet.

OTO has over 40 years of expertise in developing revolutionary healthcare solutions. The brand has a considerable market share and excellent brand recognition in Asia, East Asian nations, and particularly in the Middle East and Australia, with more than 300 retail shops globally. OTO Body Care creates diagnostic and therapeutic solutions to properly monitor health and relieve aches and diseases. It includes goods to ease tired feet, training equipment to tone flabby muscles, abdominal muscle firming devices, and back massagers.

At OTO, they think that the miracles of balance and totality may help you live life to the fullest. The ‘O’ in OTO stands for their conviction in achieving wholeness through a unique blend of Eastern traditional treatments and cutting-edge western technology. Their product expertise is broadened by their worldwide and cross-cultural experience, allowing them to produce creative items for current lives.

1. OTO e-Physio Plus

The OTO e-Physio Plus utilises electromagnetic waves to target and treats your pain. It is great at relieving pain, numbness and aches while promoting good blood circulation. Additionally, it is particularly useful in post-stroke rehabilitation for preventing muscular contraction.

This is best for those that need their blood vessels enhanced. The technology behind it is made in Korea and its primary function is to produce electromagnetic waves to stimulate vascular motion.

Price: $448.00

Where to buy: OTO

2. OTO Foot Bath


Not all foot massagers need cushion rollers and compression to be effective at soothing aching feet. The OTO Foot Bath is where you immerse your painful feet to create a spa-like experience. This relaxer assists in hydrating the skin and gentle exfoliation by softening calluses. Additionally, it decompresses swelling and prevents bacteria build-up in between nails through the high temperature of the water.

Price: $288.00

Where to buy: OTO

3. OTO E-Sole III


To assist reduce mild discomfort and restoring flexibility to fatigued muscles, the OTO e-Sole III Shiatsu Foot Massager provides thorough shiatsu and kneading massage. Deep shiatsu and kneading massage to ease mild discomfort and restore flexibility to weary muscles The vigorous massage helps to ease stress and tension in your feet by improving blood circulation. The 18 adjustable Rolling Massage Nodes with two speeds provide a powerful acupressure sensation.

Price: $268.00

Where to buy: OTO

4. OTO Adore Foot Warm


The OTO Adore Foot Warm is the ideal way to treat your feet, with 24 massage knobs in various shapes and sizes covering numerous reflexology areas on the sole of each foot. There are four airbags that wrap around the feet and keep them securely in place for a better massage. This provides therapy through heat compressions with scrubbing and needing motion.

Price: $458.00

Where to buy: OTO

5. OTO Foot Relaxer


Soothe your aches with the OTO Foot Relaxer and see how it may cure pain on your soles, heels, and foot. The reflexology nodes combine the therapeutic relaxation of air compression with the advantages of foot reflexology. As a result, relaxing heat air compression increases blood flow, circulation, and vitality in the foot. The rollers are meant to stimulate acupoints and facilitate lymphatic drainage, resulting in a revitalised feeling.

Certain pressure sites on your foot are linked to stress spots throughout your body. When those nerves are activated, they send a signal to your central nervous system, which aids in the healing and relaxation of your body.

Price: $328.00

Where to buy: OTO

6. OTO Q Seat


The OTO Q Seat has 4 auto programs that will majorly treat your feet. The Red Deep Massage Mode combines air pressure kneading, sole rolling, scraping, and trembling to deliver a thorough deep massage and activate the soles’ acupressure points. The Blue Relief Massage Mode combines a variety of massage strokes with various rhythmic cycles to help ease stiff muscles and tension in the foot.

The Green Relaxation is a soothing rolling massage that includes trembling to help the feet rest completely. While the Purple Bliss Massage Mode gently massages the feet, the Purple Bliss Massage Mode gently massages the feet.

Price: $699.00

Where to buy: OTO