Lift Each Other Up And Say No To Bullying #PinkShirtDay

Embrace your uniqueness
By: balqis
February 23, 2022

Bully, it’s only a five-letter word, but its profound meaning has left an indelible mark on us. Who would have thought that this phrase would remind us of the cruel words and mockery that others have hurled at us? Some claim it’s just for fun, while others may appear to conceal their true intentions. Bullying is never cool or fun, regardless of the situation. If you are being bullied in any way, remember that it does not define your worth or dignity. We at the Glitz by Beauty Insider stand against bullying and you should as well. With diversification, we should lift each other up and help others embrace their own uniqueness this Pink Shirt Day.

History of Pink Shirt Day

The Pink Shirt Day is a movement that traces its history back to 2007 when two high schoolers, David Shepherd and Travis Price saw a new student who was bullied for wearing a pink t-shirt on his first day at school. A moment of realisation came to them as they are fully aware of the need to stand up for those who are being bullied by other students. They organised a school protest by distributing a total of 50 pink shirts to all of the males as a sign of solidarity. When Shepherd and Price were handing out the shirts at the school compound, the victim saw their initiative and he was completely touched by it. According to Price,” It looked like a huge weight was lifted off his shoulders,” he said as quoted by Globe & Mail. What started off as simple solidarity has turned into a global phenomenon with other countries joining together to express their unity against bullying. The theme of the Pink Shirt Day this year is to “Lift Each Other Up”, by embracing the diversity and uniqueness that each individual possesses. 

How to Protect Yourself From Bullying?

Photo by Ilayza Macayan on Unsplash

It is universal knowledge that bullying can cause tremendous effects on our overall self-esteem. Oftentimes the people that have been targeted by bullies prefer to keep it to themselves and eventually they end up feeling emotionally distressed. For starters, you should be protecting yourself from such conditions by taking a stand and surrounding yourself with your loved ones. The tips that you can apply to defend and protect yourself from bullying includes:

  • If you are being bullied, make sure to keep it cool and walk away to avoid escalate the situation further
  • Do not label yourself as a victim 
  • Talk about your experience to your loved ones or acquaintances 
  • Channel your inner feelings through various activities like sports, journaling or even music
  • Don’t contribute to it by minimising yourself worth instead keep your focus on things that you love

Personal Stories Of Bullying

Farah Khan (left) and Rika Adrina (right)

Farah Khan

Years ago when I was still in school, I would often speak my thoughts and argue about certain topics that are now the norm. How times have changed. Back then, I would often argue with teachers and classmates, about misogynistic comments. Hence, making others isolate me, comment on my appearance openly because girls should not have opinions, adults are right, and men are better. Well, now I can speak to them proudly, battle misogyny loudly because these opinions are celebrated today. But the battle is long, and the fight is tough, but I will never shut up.

Rika Adrina

A few years ago, I was under a superior who at first impression was very sweet and understanding. I looked up to her initially until I started working with her closely over time. She would accuse me of being blurred and unorganised every time she gets overwhelmed with her tasks. I am the type to always get the job done accordingly and never once in my life was I ever called untidy before. Basically, I was her punching bag whenever she gets frustrated. I rather not speak up because that would cause unnecessary drama at that time. Despite being friends with her online, I still kept my distance and tried not to be as friendly. However, I do not have any ill feelings towards her at all. We have both grown from that chapter in our lives and I only wish her the best. You know what they say, never meet your heroes. 

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