The Best Wedding Photography Services In Singapore For A Picture-Perfect Ceremony

To help you document your big day!
By: Aqilah Najwa Jamaluddin
April 13, 2022

Wedding dress? Checked. Catering services? Checked. Venue? Checked. Now the only thing that’s left is a photography service to help you document your big day. After all, in my humble opinion, photographs are the most important thing when it comes to big ceremonies like weddings. It’s their job to help capture intimate moments and freeze them in time, for our next generation to look back and appreciate the love between two souls. 

Whether you prefer a traditional wedding portrait or prefer a modern candid shot, these photography wedding services in Singapore present unique sets of trademark that’ll suit your imagery style. We here at Glitz wish you a happy, long life marriage! 

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1. Tlgraphy 

Tlgraphy is an excellent location to go if you like bright, crisp, and wacky wedding images. Pre-wedding and wedding day photography is available for traditional Chinese weddings, modern church weddings, and other events. Because the team prefers natural images, they also do pre-shoot Zoom sessions to learn about your beliefs and personalities so you can shine on your wedding day.

Checkout Tlgraphy portfolios here

2. Oddly Familiar Photography 

Oddly Familiar Photography aims to show the significance of each shot. Samantha, the photographer, finds beauty in the smallest of details. She takes the time to get to know you and your story so that she can capture your personality in her photos. From dreamy to daring, she’ll precisely capture your special day, whether through pre-wedding photography or during the wedding and solemnization.

Checkout Oddly Familiar portfolios here

3. The Good Citizen 

Timothy of The Good Citizen understands the significance of your special day so he makes sure to catch all of your priceless moments without breaking a sweat, so you know you’re in good hands. Timo has your back if you’re a stickler for timetables and being on time. On his Facebook, he has several reviews complimenting his wedding photography services, flawless timeliness, and quickness.

Checkout The Good Citizen portfolios here

4. Colossal Weddings 

This wedding photography branch, brought to you by the same cool kitties of Colossal Photographs (a top nightlife photography collective), seeks to give the same magic recipe of wow-inducing photos in Singapore. They capture everything from the smallest details to the grandiose proportions of your special day.

Checkout Colossal Weddings portfolios here

5. WithMinn Photography

Withminn Photography specialises in capturing couples’ real love in the most beautiful way possible. They ensure that every significant element of your wedding day is captured forever. The images have a distinct characteristic style with warm tones and subdued vibrance, and when edited, they convey a vintage and nostalgic elegance dripping with romanticism. You and your companion will feel like the leads in your favourite romantic comedy!

Checkout WithMinn portfolios here

6. Yipmage Moments 

Yipmage Moments knows just how to encourage hesitant couples out of their shells and into lively interactions with the crowd. They recognise that not all couples are used to having a camera aimed at them, so the crew ensures that everyone feels at ease during the procedure. Mathias Yip, the Head Photographer, and all of the Yipmage Moments team are also incredibly understanding and easy to work with

Checkout Yipmage Moments portfolios here

7. Darren & Jade Photography 

Since 2014, Darren and Jade Photography has been taking incredibly gorgeous wedding images all around the world as a 13x award-winning member of Wedding & Photographers International (WPPI). Their objective as a fun-loving wedding photography and videography team is to get to know your story better in order to best capture your true sincere feelings on your wedding day.

Checkout Darren & Jade portfolios here

8. Pixioo Photography 

Pixioo’s creators are masters of stunning candid photography. It only takes a cursory glance at their work to notice their talent for visual storytelling. Expect your wedding images to be authentic, full of life, and totally stunning because of their ability, originality, and imagination.

Checkout Pixioo Photography portfolios here

9. Multifolds Production

Multifolds Productions, is known for beautiful, romantic engagement and pre-wedding images. Aside from their outstanding photographs, what makes these photographers so sought after is their emphasis on capturing the spontaneity of a beautiful moment rather than searching for the ideal shot. Multifolds are incredibly adaptable and can accommodate a variety of styles.

Checkout Multifolds Production portfolios here

10. Lightbox Weddings

Lightbox Weddings allows you to simply personalise photographic services to your needs (though standard packages are also available). The team’s characteristic method, led by the seasoned Kwang, is to go with the flow on the wedding day and enable the couple’s personalities and unique moments to take centre stage in a visual story. 

Checkout Lightbox Weddings here

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