Alfero Gelato Encourages Gelato Lovers To Look Forward To Delightful Gelato Treats!

Little gelato heaven for you
By: Iffah Salleh
December 7, 2022

Alfero Gelato is a pioneer in the field of authentic Italian artisan gelato. Gelato lovers may look forward to delightful treats, which feature 96% fat-free Italian gelato.

Marco Alfero, the founder of Alfero Gelato closely monitors the process and ensures that his gelato and sorbet are made with only the best natural ingredients, free of artificial flavourings and additives.

Marco Alfero, The founder of Alfero Gelato

The gelato is stored in pozzetti cabinets, which limit exposure to light and air, preserving the ice cream’s richness and consistency. Marco is driven to provide only the best-tasting gelato to gelato lovers, which is why he keeps his gelato covered when on display, in contrast to other ice cream businesses, which display their products in full splendour.

Gelato fans will appreciate this daring approach and new concept since the distinction is obvious and pretty much impossible to overlook. After one bite of this goodness, you’ll never want to keep it secret again.

Alfero Uniqueness

Handcrafted Dessert

Creating the perfect gelato is an artisanal skill that demands strict control and a human touch throughout the process. Marco Alfero is fueled by a desire to improve the art of creating Italian ice cream, building his brand as one of the best in its gourmet gelato division.

Maintaining Traditions

Across the manufacturing and preservation of the gelato, Alfero obtain a perfectly smooth product with ice crystals of the exact correct size, so that every spoonful is a joy.

Bringing the Flavours

Gelato lovers will taste the best gelato they have ever tasted. The flavour speaks for itself due to the use of only 100% natural ingredients of the finest grade. The manufacturing process itself makes the gelato denser by preventing air bubbles from forming, and a low-fat content draws out more of the flavours because fat coats the tongue, softening the way we taste flavours.

Alfero Gelato vs. Normal Ice Cream

You can eat guilt-free because their gelato is 96% fat-free and only premium grade ingredients are used. In addition to classic Italian gelato, Marco takes pride in developing sorbets that rival his gelato in taste and texture without the use of dairy.

Alfero GelatoNormal Ice Cream
96% Fat-free

Made with premium quality ingredients, egg yolk, fresh fruits, and other natural ingredients

Full Body Flavour 

Rich, Dense, Creamy & Smooth 
18 – 30% fat

Made with powdered milk, fruit juice concentrates, additives, and colouring agents

Artificial Flavouring & Aromas

Cakey and Hard

    Signature Flavours


    Among their most popular gelato and sorbet flavours and signature staples:

    • Pistachio (Best-seller)

    We select only pistachios from Bronte (Sicily) in this flavour, which gives it an aromatically sweet, rich, and naturally green flavour. Our Pistachio gelato is the heavy winner of our fans.

    • Bacio 

    Our hallmark flavour is full-bodied, rich, and deep, with a creamy silky texture. Many people would agree that milk, hazelnuts, and chocolate constitute a sensory overload. Many people can’t and won’t resist this lovely familiar blend.

    • Yuzu 

    Yuzu’s flavour is tangy, but it has an exquisite fragrance. This citrus fruit native to Japan has a taste similar to grapefruit, with hints of mandarin orange.

    • Dark Chocolate 

    If you fancy to be on the dark side, prepare your lickers. Alfero’s dark chocolate gelato is likely to fulfill your dark chocolate craving. We always use the finest dark chocolate that allows you to experience the richness of dark chocolate exactly how it should be.


    •  Mango

    Looking for a vegan, dairy-free alternative, or not a big fan of gelato? Check out at this. Tropical mango sorbet will have your sweet senses singing and dancing together with the melody and breeze.

    • Lemon 

    This lemon sorbet will make you feel rejuvenated and light from the first bite, it is without a doubt the best decision for hot and sunny weather. When life gives you lemons, eat lemon sorbet!

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